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We understand that food preferences are as unique as individuals themselves. That's why we've created a space where everyone can come together, share a meal, and relish in the joy of delicious food, no matter their dietary preferences in Fort Langley. BC.

Whether you're a traditionalist at heart, a devoted plant-based enthusiast, or require gluten-free choices, our menu has been thoughtfully curated to cater to your needs. Every item can be made traditional, plant-based, or gluten-free.

Eat with friends!

At the same table, in the same restaurant... 
For once, EVERYTHING is made to order, just the way you like it!

Keep it Classic, Go Traditional

Embrace the Plant-Powered Plate

Gluten-Free, Worry-Free

Our traditional options cater to the omnivores, offering a no-restriction approach to delicious dining.  These recipes may include meat, eggs, dairy & gluten.

For those who seek compassionate dining, our plant-based creations are an art form. Crafted entirely in-house, we're proud to offer a diverse range of plant-based options for every item listed on our menu. 

If gluten is your concern, we offer a gluten-free alternative for every dish. If it is an allergy, or you are celiac, please make sure to let us know and we will take extra caution preparing your meal. 

Fun fact: our fried chicken is coated in rice flour, keeping our fryers gluten-free! 

Unite Plant-Based & Gluten-Free Goodness

Craving the best of both worlds? Our team is ready to create an amazing dish that's both plant-based and gluten-free.*

Seriously, EVERYTHING on the menu can be made the way you like it! 

Mac & Cheese

Substitute gluten-free noodles and plant-based cheese!


Substitute gluten-free crust and plant-based cheese!


Our chicken is gluten-free! Substitute plant-based chicken!


Substitute plant-based cheese!

Enjoy an evening out

To celebrate, be entertained, or connect with the community, we are just getting started!

We aren't just another restaurant, we're building community, giving people an opportunity to get out, connect, and have fun. Come out for one of our Open Mic Nights on Wednesday's, Artist Showcase - Live Music Sundays, Join the Table, Mixology Showcase, or any other events we have going on. 


Comfort Food, Your Way

Traditional, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free


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